Since more than nine years, bioplastics have become one of the main focus of the Plastics Cluster. The topic was continually deepened from the international research project "CORNET Biopacking", which focused on polylactic acid (PLA) packaging. The focus is on knowledge building and the transfer of know-how to small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria. 


  • Drop-in solutions
  • Newcomer: polyethylenefuranoate (PEF)
  • Natural fiber-reinforced plastics based on hemp or fennel fibers



The biopolymer team (cluster partners from industry, business and research) meets regularly to discuss current developments and trends.

Participating companies

Ing. Martin Ramsl

Ing. Martin Ramsl

Project Management

Thematic Topis: Injection Moulding, Tooling, Recycling, 3D printing

Mobile: +43 664 60119674
Phone: +43 2742 9000 19674
Christian Mayr

DI Christian Mayr

Project Management

Thematic Topics: Circular Economy, Extrusion, Recycling

Mobile: +43 664 88498719
Phone: +43 732 79810 5123