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Experience exchange meetings

How do others solve the same problems?
Problems are rarely unique and have in most cases already been solved by someone. In experience exchange meetings, you acquire a stock of valuable and practical knowledge. Armed with fresh ideas and new tools, you have greater flexibility for meeting your daily challenges.

Procedure and organisation
Topics are defined collectively and the participants form specific experience exchange groups. The meetings are then held regularly in this configuration and attendance is mandatory, with a different company hosting the event each time. In addition to organising the meetings and coordinating the dates with the participants, the Plastics Cluster chairs each meeting and provides the documentation.

Participation fee
The participation fee covers the costs of organising each event, chairing the discussion and providing documentation and is payable by each company for each meeting. If a participant is unable to attend one of the meetings, we ask that a substitute participant from the relevant company attends the meeting instead.

There are experience exchange meetings on the following topics:

  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastics recycling 
  • Digitalization
  • Additive manufacturing