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Experience exchange meetings

How do others solve the same problems?
Problems are rarely unique and have in most cases already been solved by someone. In experience exchange meetings, you acquire a stock of valuable and practical knowledge. Armed with fresh ideas and new tools, you have greater flexibility for meeting your daily challenges.

Procedure and organisation
Topics are defined collectively and the participants form specific experience exchange groups. The meetings are then held regularly in this configuration and attendance is mandatory, with a different company hosting the event each time. In addition to organising the meetings and coordinating the dates with the participants, the Plastics Cluster chairs each meeting and provides the documentation.

Participation fee
The participation fee covers the costs of organising each event, chairing the discussion and providing documentation and is payable by each company for each meeting. If a participant is unable to attend one of the meetings, we ask that a substitute participant from the relevant company attends the meeting instead.

Possible topics

  • Standards
  • Revision of ISO 9001:2015 (Knowledge management, risk management, …)
  • Integrated management Systems
  • Internal Audits
  • Lean management
  • CIP in daily procedures

Meetings 2017

  • 1. Meeting: Topic EPOS - ENGEL ProzessOptimierungsSystem
    8. Februar 2017, ENGEL Großmaschinenwerk St. Valentin

  • CIP Business Meeting 2017 - A day dedicated to best practice 
    4. April 2017, Aiport Linz-Hörsching

  • 2. Meeting: Topic Lean
    17. Mai 2017, Hagleitner Technology International GmbH – Zell am See

  • 3. Meeting: Topic is fixed by the participants
    27. September 2017, voraussichtlich bei Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH – Feldkirchen

  • 4. Meeting: Topic is fixed by the participants
    22. November 2017

Participation fee
The participation fee is EUR 600,- for 4 sessions.

Your contact:
Doris Würzlhuber (Mag. FH)
send E-Mail 
Mobile: +43 / 664 / 8481228

Possible topics
Skilled personnel, logistics chain, additive manufacturing

Participation fee
The participation fee for KC partners is EUR 600 for 4 meetings.

Your contact
Jürgen Bleicher (Mag.)
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Tel.: +43 732 79810 5116

Possible Topics
Werkzeugbeschichtungen (Verschleiß, Kühlung, Verschmutzung), Werkzeugauslegung (Zykluszeiten, Kühlung), Intelligente Spritzgusswerkzeuge, …

Participation fee
The participation fee is EUR 59 per Meeting for KC Partners, and EUR 118 for nun-KC-members.

You Contact
Doris Würzlhuber Mag. (FH)
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Mobil: +43 / 664 / 8481228

Open experience exchange meetings
This means that different people attend every time

In conjunction with the AC and MC

Possible topics
Presentation of business models; business case: owners, evaluators; presentation of competences; enquiry management; sales planning of new ideas; innovation hacking; business development growth; customer segmentation; etc.

Participation fee
The participation fee is EUR 150 per meeting for KC members and EUR 250 for non-members.

Your contact
Wolfgang Bohmayr (Ing.)
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Tel.: +43 732 79810 5114

In conjunction with ITG - Innovation Service for Salzburg

Possible topics
Design Thinking, knowledge transfer, Industry 4.0, testing of materials, property right management, prototyping, ...

Participating companies

Your Contact
Wolfgang Bohmayr (Ing.)                         Rainer Steindler (Mag.) 
send e-mail                                                send e-mail
Tel.: +43 732 79810 5114                        Tel.: +43 662 254 300-18